The Immortalizer® is an innovative USA-made product designed to preserve the factory-fresh ball reaction characteristics of your bowling ball. Using dual-vapor barrier technology with a flexible insulation layer, the Immortalizer® bag will significantly prolong your bowling ball's life and lane reaction performance by keeping the coverstock's resins alive and supple while protecting against circumferential cracking due to thermal shock. 


Outside Color
Inside Color (Not Shown)

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    Jet Black Lemon Yellow
    Jet Black Sapphire
    Jet Black Purple
    Jet Black Gunmetal
    Jet Black Fuchsia
    Jet Black Emerald
    Jet Black Crimson Red
    Black-Bright Red Small
    Jet Black Jet Black
    Gunmetal Lemon Yellow
    Gunmetal Sapphire
    Gunmetal Purple
    Gunmetal Gunmetal
    Gunmetal Fushia
    Gunmetal Emerald
    Gunmetal Burgundy
    Gunmetal Bright Red
    Gunmetal Jet Black
    Sapphire Lemon Yellow
    Sapphire Sapphire
    Sapphire Purple
    Saphire Gunmetal
    Sapphire Fuchsia
    Sapphire Emerald
    Sapphire Crimson Red
    Sapphire Bright Red
    Sapphire Jet Black
    Purple Lemon Yellow
    Purple Sapphire
    Purple Purple
    Purple Gunmetal
    Purple Fuchsia
    Purple Emerald
    Purple Crimson Red
    Purple Bright Red
    Purple Jet Black
    Fuchsia Lemon Yellow
    Fuchsia Sapphire
    Fuchsia Purple
    Fuchsia Gunmetal
    Fuchsia Fuchsia
    Fuchsia Emerald
    Fuchsia Crimson Red
    Fuchsia Bright Red
    Fuchsia Black
    Crimson Red Lemon Yellow
    Crimson Red Saphire
    Crimson Red Purple
    Crimson Red Gunmetal
    Crimson Red Fuchsia
    Crimson Red Emerald
    Crimson Red Crimson Red
    Crimson Red Bright Red
    Crimson Red Jet Black
    Bright Red Lemon Yellow
    Bright Red Sapphire
    Bright Red Purple
    Bright Red Gunmetal
    Bright Red Fuchsia
    Bright Red Emerald
    Bright Red Crimson Red
    Bright Red Bright Red
    Bright Red Jet Black
    Emerald Lemon Yellow
    Emerald Sapphire
    Emerald Purple
    Emerald Gunmetal
    Emerald Fuchsia
    Emerald Emerald
    Emerald Crimson Red
    Emerald Bright Red
    Emerald Jet Black
    Lemon Yellow Lemon Yellow
    Lemon Yellow Sapphire
    Lemon Yellow Purple
    Lemon Yellow Gunmetal
    Lemon Yellow Fuchsia
    Lemon Yellow Emerald
    Lemon Yellow Crimson Red
    Lemon Yellow Bright Red
    Lemon Yellow Jet Black



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